Fuck Yeah! James


James…..is that you in disguise? There are no pokemon to be had here. Go find Jesse I think you’re confused baby.



Prepare for trouble!

I love Usao’s artwork <3



Prepare for trouble!

I love Usao’s artwork <3


Inktober day 14: Divas

PokéAni Playing Super Smash Bros


-Speculation courtesy of toasty-coconut's prompt-
-Thoughts collaborated on with firesofash-

Ash Ketchum- Pikachu, of course! Though he tends to be a button masher, Ash isn’t half bad at video games, and he loves the idea of pitting his best buddy up against all the titans in Smash Bros, especially when he wins! It’s cool to see things from Pikachu’s perspective, and the game is like a constant reminder that they can overcome any obstacle if they work together! …And if Ash gets the Hammer. Ash loves the Hammer.

Gary Oak- Meta Knight. Yep. Gary is that guy. He doesn’t choose Meta Knight because he needs the help. He chooses Meta Knight because he loves to troll people. He knows all the OP recovery techniques, and he’ll often circle the stage several times just out of his opponents’ reach before running up their damage meter, sidestepping a few counterattacks, and then circling the stage again. He gets a kick out of it!

Misty- Greninja. Not only is it the only water type in Smash Bros, but Misty loves to match her opponents with speed and tricky offensive tactics. She uses Greninja to brag that she can take Ash in any kind of Pokémon battle. He is always the first person she goes after in multiplayer matches, and they keep a scoreboard of how many times they’ve killed each other. Permanent marker was eventually utilized when her tallies kept mysteriously vanishing.

Brock-  Captain Falcon because Brock likes to hit hard and fast. His fighting style tends to be strong and upfront, but he just has fun with it. It’s pretty common for Brock to abuse the saluting taunt immediately after his victory while he says some cheesy line “for the ladies.” His original favorite in the series was Samus, but he hasn’t been able concentrate with her ever since he found out she was a girl.

Jessie- Palutena because, of course, a powerful yet beautiful goddess is the only appropriate character for the strong and charming Jessie! She’s the player who assures everyone they’ll be dispatched quickly without much trouble at all, but when the real game comes around, she just picks the character she likes the best, gets her butt kicked, and throws a fit.

James- Little Mac because James finds his concept really exciting. There’s something compelling to him about a character that seems outclassed in so many ways but still manages to hold his own, and James wants to do his best to help him pull through. “Wow! Look at that little guy! He can really pack a punch! Little Mac and I are gonna go to the top!”

Meowth- Bowser. In many ways, Bowser is the character Meowth always wants to be: someone big, strong, and intimidating with his very own kingdom! The floor shakes when he walks! Unfortunately, if Meowth played more Mario games, he might realize he and Bowser have more in common than he thinks- including their success rate, which certainly doesn’t improve when he’s trying to play the game with three fingers.

Tracey- Pac-Man because Tracey is a fan of the classic and simpler games. He’s become accustomed to occasionally playing things like Pac-Man on his computer when things are slow at Professor Oak’s lab. Sure, he could probably also play as Mario, but he finds Pac-Man’s unique move set more fun to figure out! Not to mention his love for the references.

May- Princess Peach is May’s favorite character for all the reasons you would expect. She’s beautiful, she’s elegant, she’s a princess, and she can still keep up with the boys! May has never really been into video games, but she can play as Princess Peach surprisingly well! She does rely on items too much, and Ash will forever regret the day he taught her to taunt, but how can anyone be mad at the girl who claps with her character after she loses?

Max- Ness is Max’s choice, in part because he’s actually played Earthbound, something none of Ash’s other companions can honestly claim. He also loves the boy’s PSI powers and finds it intriguing to compare them to actual psychic abilities that some Pokémon possess. Max’s fighting style often incorporates a lot of combination strategies, not all of which work. He might overthink things a bit.

Drew- Marth is Drew’s favorite choice because he likes the Fire Emblem series. Just don’t tell anybody. In fact, he’s a big fan of video game sword combat in general. Drew treats a lot of his matches like a sword fight. He’s slow and cautious, playing defense until he can find an opening, then he strikes! He’s not afraid to use items either, but he likes to think he has enough skill without them.

Harley- Sheik because he/she works fast and quickly wears down the opponent’s endurance but also has an air of sneakiness about him/her. Harley likes to avoid the opponent or attack from long range until the conditions seem suitable to run in and launch a flurry of attacks. Everyone knows he does this, though, and he quickly becomes the group target in many multiplayer matches.

Dawn- Mario has been Dawn’s go-to choice ever since Ash invited her to play with him during a team tournament. She had no idea how to hold the controller at first, let alone which character to pick, but everyone knows Mario, right? She’s still a pretty infrequent gamer, and Ash tends to pick Brock for team battles now, but when she takes the stage, she sticks with the classics. No need to worry!

Barry- Sonic is Barry’s #1 choice because all the other characters are too slow! As soon as Barry gets a strategy in his head, he wants it executed! If now is the perfect time to hit the guy on the other side of the largest map in the game, he needs to hit them now! Sonic is the only one that can keep up with the brilliance his brain spawns every second. Besides, he only kills himself every now and then!

Paul- “Video games are pathetic.”

Kenny- Ike because while Kenny is decent at Smash Bros, he really needs Ike to compete with some people. Kenny is a big fan of jumping right into the fray and giving everything he’s got (especially if it will impress certain people), but not all characters can handle that kind of approach. Ike’s massive surplus of fire and explosions, topped off with a two-handed sword gives him just enough edge to be competitive. King Dedede is his favorite joke character for obvious reasons.

Conway- Lucina is Conway’s favorite selection because her arsenal is impressively diverse but takes a truly skilled gamer to master, and he is just the gamer to do that (also, her design is… appealing). In fact, he’s the kind of gamer who is widely familiar with all the characters, stats, and maps. He spends a lot of time on forums, discussing strategies for every possible scenario, but he also detests items with a passion and will beg to play with them turned off.

Zoey- Falco is Zoey’s favorite character, and she’s kind of OP with him. She might actually be the best gamer on this list, and she uses Falco just to press that point with a lovable wink and smirk. She knows all of his moves by the pixel and comes up with unique ways to use them to her advantage. It’s not uncommon for her to do something she’s never tried before in a match, and yeah, it causes her to die every now and then, but it’s just a game, right?

Iris- Charizard because it’s definitely a dragon, and Iris doesn’t care what the pokédex says. Dragons are the best, and as a future dragon master, it’s important for her to learn to master them in every kind of battle- even fake ones! Besides, look at how cool it is! It can breathe fire and fly and even break boulders! This is the closest Iris will ever get to being a dragon, and she’s gonna enjoy it!

Cilan- Robin is the obvious choice for Cilan because while the supernatural aspect might be a little lost to him, he can’t help but respect the obvious lesson present about the power of knowledge! A match is all about analyzing your opponent, getting a feel for the different flavors of combinations they battle with, and then responding with your best answer to said style! Who could be more useful than such a diverse character?

Trip- Link. Not only does Trip actually play The Legend of Zelda sometimes (again, shhhh!), but Link is just a practical character. He has an average weight, an average speed, fairly average strength, good potential for combos, and some good smash moves. His moveset is diverse, ranging from short and fast close attacks to several choices of long rang projectiles. He’s a good character to play with. Plain and simple.

Bianca- Donkey Kong is Bianca’s pick because he’s big and strong, and that’s what you want for these fighting games, right? Actually, Bianca isn’t too bad at Smash Bros. She used to play video games all the time while she was back at home, dreaming about going on her own big adventure some day, and her mindset is not far off from the truth in this case. Donkey Kong’s slightly clumsy style matches hers fairly well.

Burgundy- Female Robin because her first comment on the game went something like “S’il vous plaît. I could beat the smug Connoisseur with the very same character!” She can’t, by the way, but she’s still working on it. She only accepts matches as Female Robin because there is no way in the Spirit World that Cilan is going to beat her at everything! She suffers from self kills a little too frequently and sometimes rushes at stronger short range opponents.

Georgia- Lucario for two main reasons: 1. Georgia thinks it’s kind of stupid that someone would play a fighting game and not choose a Pokémon in the first place. 2. If she wants to beat Iris’s Charizard, she’s going to need a Pokémon that can hit just as hard but go much faster. Georgia is a fan of competitive games, and it shows in her offensive style when she rushes the opponent with Lucario, but if she loses, it’s because something was distracting her.

Serena- Jigglypuff or Kirby, depending on if Bonnie is playing or not. Both girls love to use Jigglypuff, and while Serena isn’t a gamer, she thinks it’s cute to match with Ash’s Pikachu. She usually chooses the one with a flower in its hair, but two Jigglypuff on the field can still be a little confusing at times. They’ve tried it before, and it led to her and Bonnie mixing their characters up once or twice. Kirby looks kind of like Jigglypuff and works as a good alternate.

Clemont- Mega Man because the future is now, thanks to science!! It’s absolutely intriguing to see a robot so complex being used to battle on par with various superheroes and Pokémon! It’s like taking a glimpse into what has yet to come! Perhaps technology will one day advance to the point where these cartoonish mechanics are, indeed, plausible! It’s like an innovation joy ride for Clemont. He isn’t particularly good at the game, but the dreams it gives him are astounding!

Bonnie- Jigglypuff, Jigglypuff, and only Jigglypuff because Jigglypuff is SOOOO CUUUUUUTTEEE!!!! Bonnie doesn’t even get frustrated when she loses. She’s just happy she got the chance to jump into the life of such an amazing little Pokémon! When she was younger, she used to pretend to be Pokémon all the time, and now it’s like she gets to actually be one! She can’t play very well, but so what? A lot of Pokémon need practice and training first!


Team Rocket by oneoftwo


Why does he look better with his hair tied back, and sporting a goatee?


Meedle: Pikachu, you can’t blast off the balloon before they’re inside!


something quick for TRio day&#160;!! ive been wanting to draw these three in this ever since i saw it bc i need that in my life tbh


something quick for TRio day !! ive been wanting to draw these three in this ever since i saw it bc i need that in my life tbh